Why yoga is my biggest teacher

Sometimes I have a love:hate relationship with yoga but there's something about it that just keeps drawing me back... Every so often I get on my mat and wonder why on earth I do yoga, my body just doesn’t feel made for it. It's tight and stiff and it physically hurts as I move from one pose to the next, resisting with all its energy. It takes forever to warm up, it feels weak and inflexible, like it’s going to snap in two. I want to throw my mat out of the room as instead of

For those of you prone to FOMO

Let me tell you a tale... Let me tell the tale Of a girl who didn't stop; Who climbed on every mountain Without a pause when on the top. She'd dance in every blade of grass Until each one was covered in dew; The sun knew her by name But the silver moon did, too. For a fear had settled in her bones, A fear of sitting still; That if you're not moving forward It must mean you never will. So in time, her dance got slower And she looked at all she'd seen; But found gaps inside the